Perryhill Farm U-Pick blueberries, peaches, cherries and apples


Open for U-Pick Blueberries.

Cherries are closed for the season. Peaches-See below.


Please note we close at 1 PM on Saturday's.


Also remember that we do not allow dogs on the property, so please leave fiddo at home.


During the season we are open 8AM to dusk 7-days a week except Saturday after 1PM, unless rain or lack of crop forces a field closure.





Blueberries- Open for U-Pick. Right now we have Darrow, Berkeley, and Titan's. Make sure to check out our new field with the Titan's that is down below the peaches. They are younger bushes, but have a good crop of large easy to pick berries that have a unique taste. Follow the signs to the right from the sales stand. -Updated 7-22-16


Peaches- Our early season peaches are picked out. We will probably reopen near the end of the month with our mid-season varieties starting with all-star. They had a fair set this year so we expect much better availability then, but we will still probably have to open and close off and on. Check back for updates. -Updated 7-22-16


Cherries- Closed for the season. Thank you to everyone who came out, it was a great year.-Updated 7-16-16


Raspberries- Unfortunately, the field was getting old and declining, so we decided to pull it out instead of offering a sub-standard picking experience. At this point we do not know if we will be replanting, but we will not have U-Pick raspberries this year.-Updated 5-19-16



Apples- We will start with Gala apples sometime in mid-Sept.- Updated 5-19-16


Asian Pears- The Hosui will start the season sometime in early Sept.- Updated 5-19-16




We are looking forward to a very good crop on most fruit varieties this year

2016 picking seasons and prices:

Blueberries Late June to early Sept. $1.00/lb
Cherries Mid June to mid. July



Peaches Late July. to early Sept.


Apples Mid. Sept. to Late Oct.




Things to Know

-Bring your own containers

-Weigh containers before picking

-Pick, return to stand and pay when done

-No ladders required, all fruit within easy reach

-See FAQ and links above for more information