Perryhill Farm U-Pick blueberries, peaches, raspberries, cherries and apples


Open for U-Pick Apples Raspberries and Asian Pears.


We are closed Saturday's after 1PM otherwise 8AM to dusk everyday. Please make note, thanks.



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Vegetables- We don't raise veggies, but have found a great source: "Two Brother's Produce Stand" located at the corner of Rickreal and Greenwood Rds. Polk's best picked produce- all organic, raised on site and picked daily. Great prices. Tomatoes: $5 baskets or 20lb boxes fro $15. They also have melons, cantaloupe, squash, corn and peppers. We highly recommend them to our customers.


Apples- Open for U-Pick. We have lots of prefectly ripe Gala right now. The Johnagold will be ripe next week. Apples are $0.80/lb and $0.60 for 100+ lbs. Updated 9-26-14


Raspberries- Open for U-Pick. We have our yellow Annie's right now. Please keep in mind that the fall type raspberries ripen over an extended period of time so picking is not as easy as the summer types.- Updated 9-26-14


Asian Pears- Open for U-Pick. We have Hosui and Shinko ripe right now. They are $1.00/lb. Updated 9-26-14


Blueberries- Closed for the season. The hot weather and heavy picking combined to finish off the season this weekend. -Updated 9-7-14


Peaches- Closed for the season. Thank you to all our customers, we had a great year. -Updated 9-2-14


Cherries-Closed for the season. If you missed out, we should have a much bigger crop next year. -Updated 6-28-14



We are looking forward to a very good crop on most fruit varieties this year

Expected 2014 picking seasons and prices:

Blueberries Late June to early Sept. $1.00/lb
Raspberries Late June to mid July. $1.25/lb
Peaches Late July. to early Sept.


$0.80/lb 100+lbs

Apples Mid. Sept. to Late Oct.


$0.60/lb 100+lbs

Cherries Late June to mid. July $1.50/lb


During the season we are open 8AM to dusk 7-days a week except Saturday after 1PM, unless rain or lack of crop forces a field closure.


Things to Know

-Bring your own containers

-Weigh containers before picking

-Pick, return to stand and pay when done

-No ladders required, all fruit within easy reach

-See FAQ and links above for more information